Want to become a data breach hunter?

The CONDITION:BLACK team is proud to announce the virtual workshop training in Data Leak Discovery and sensitive security research techniques.  This is a one of a kind workshop that will be delivered exclusively via a virtual live workshop format.  This intense live training and mentorship program is based on real-world data breaches and leaks, and is hands-on.

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Brief Workshop Overview

  • 3 Days of Live Training

    This isn't some Udemy course or downloadable lab.  You won't find any giant VM's to download.  This is live, researcher/instructor led training delivered to you wherever you are.

  • Tools of the Trade

    A licensed and easily customized toolkit designed specifically for use during and after the workshop.  These tools are only available to workshop attendees and are licensed to the individual participant.

  • Private Mentorship

    Training begins in the classroom but we believe mentorship yields better long term results.  Our workshop includes 6 months of online (email/IM) private mentorship directly from your instructor.

  • Recorded Sessions

    Access to all course content and a recording of all sessions after the workshop to reference, and access to any updated material for 6 months. *Note we DO NOT record student interactions due to privacy concerns.

  • Special SaaS Platform Access

    Free access to some of the SaaS platforms we use in-house, and discounted premium access to additional solutions.  We have some fans of our work who have graciously offered these solutions to participants.  You'll get immediate access on the first day of training.

  • Media Training

    Should you alert the media?  What should you say?  Who should you call?  We'll teach you when, how, and whom you should contact when you discover a breach or leak.  We might even have some fun doing it.


Who should participate in this workshop?

Workshop attendees come from all walks of life and stages in their career. We’ve taught everyone from college students to journalists, career changers, CISO’s, security researchers, human rights advocates, staff at private research firms, government employees, intelligence agents, OSINT and Social Engineering professionals, and employees at major tech companies the methods used in this workshop. Odds are you’ll fit right in.

What language is the workshop in?

la langue est le vecteur de la culture! Just kidding. (We french but you don't want us trying to speak it). We currently only offer this training in English(US).

How “advanced” do I have to be to attend the workshops?

Can you type on a keyboard? - Awesome!
Do you know what a URL is? - We are getting close!
Can you run a simple script or download and install an application? - Scolding Hot!
We’ve taught people of all levels from journalism students to CEO’s and even a few of the worlds InfoSec famous (We won’t tell you who). If you are concerned reach out and we can discuss it but we haven’t turned away anyone on the basis of skillset yet.

What are the required materials for the workshop?

Laptop/Desktop - Since the training is remote we simply require a laptop/desktop. We recommend a few prerequisites be installed before the training but these are not required, and if you are a security researcher you likely have access to them already.
Internet Access - Since we are doing an interactive online live training course it is imperative that you have a good internet connection and decent bandwidth capacity.
Pen/Paper, and a good sense of humor are recommended but not required.

Are U.S.and Foreign government agency employees or journalists permitted to attend this workshop?

That’s a great question and an important one for us. U.S. Government agency employees are welcome to attend this workshop but are not permitted to collect ANY information regarding attendees. U.S. Government employees MUST identify themselves and the agency they work for. This is for your own protection as any data we collected with the exception of your name (for mentorship access) will be purged from our systems immediately upon completion of the workshop to protect your privacy. All Foreign journalists who can provide proof of credentials are welcome to attend our training. Please note that the tools we provide may not be available in some countries. You are responsible for complying with the laws of your home country. U.S. Journalists are encouraged to attend this course, and we offer a special discount to all journalists and government employees.  Fair warning, we reserve the right to refuse access to any student who engages in any illegal, unethical or questionable behavior including behavior which, in our sole opinion could be harmful to the rights and freedoms of any individual or oppressed group.

Why is this workshop so cheap/expensive/small/etc?

We designed this workshop around real-world leaks/breaches and our extensive experience. These lessons were hard won and have proven invaluable to researchers, executives, journalists and even students. We want everyone who can attend to do so, and we will do our very best to accommodate any reasonable need based discounts or other special requests. We have chosen a small class size (half the average workshop size) and 3 days instead of 5 in order to balance 1 on 1 time with the instructors with what an individual can reasonably expect to absorb. Our mentorship component is an integral part of honing the skills you will learn.

Is it possible to have this workshop held in person or for my private organization?

We would love to offer this workshop in person, and we are working to do just that. For now we are only offering in-person workshops to private organizations. If you are interested in discussing a private workshop engagement please email workshops@condition.black with details on the approximate date and location where you would like to have the workshop. If you are interested in providing your facilities in a specific city for a public workshop we would be happy to offer your organization up to 3 training seats in trade.

I prefer to keep my identity a secret. Can I take the course anonymously?

We respect your right to privacy, and we will do our best to accommodate any reasonable privacy requests.  Please note that we are happy to use an alias during classes and even registration.  We also accept cryptocurrency payments.

What are the payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, ETH, LiteCoin, BTC, PayPal, Venmo, and Valid Government Purchase Orders.  All payments must be made in advance and Purchase Order funds must be received 10 business days prior to attending the workshop.

How do I get the journalist/student/government employee discount?

Send an email to workshops@condition.black and we'll send you some instructions.  Once we validate your eligibility we will send you a discount code for use at checkout.

When are the workshops?

You can purchase a workshop at any time and the voucher is good for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.  We will list courses by date and encourage you to purchase a specific course date if you can.  If you aren't sure which date or you need to change it just email us and we'll help you sort it out.

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